Most Wearable Technology Has Been a Commercial Failure, Says Historian

Given the hype around wearable technology like Google Glass, you might be surprised to learn that the wristwatch is still the most successful example of modern wearable tech. Over the past century, wearables have mostly been commercial failures. A new book from MIT Press explores this forgotten history. » 7/21/14 4:42pm 7/21/14 4:42pm

The World's Most Fascinating Places, As Seen In Science Fiction Books

It's the middle of summer — the time of year when wanderlust takes over our brains. You want to leave your home and your job and explore what the world has to offer. But here's the next best thing — 15 books that take place in science fiction and fantasy versions of the most fascinating places on Earth. » 7/11/14 1:15pm 7/11/14 1:15pm

The 10 Weirdest Movie Moments That Broke The Fourth Wall

There's something inherently science fictional about breaking the fourth wall — like passing from a dimension of fiction into the real world. And savvy filmmakers have been playing with the strangeness of this notion for years. Here are the 10 weirdest movie scenes that broke the fourth wall. » 7/02/14 10:08am 7/02/14 10:08am

11 Things You Didn't Know You Could Eat

When the apocalypse comes, you're going to need to be able to live off the land. And sometimes, the land will be... kind of weird. You already know you can eat bugs and spiders. But what else can you eat? Here are 11 things you probably didn't realize were edible. » 6/27/14 10:00am 6/27/14 10:00am

A History of Our Obsession with the Disease Apocalypse

The "plague plot" is a subgenre of horror that's become as common as zombie movies . But over half a century ago, Hollywood wasn't churning out tales of the disease apocalypse and deadly black goo viruses. Where did our love for pandemic panic come from? A look back at the history of the subgenre provides some clues. » 6/24/14 9:11am 6/24/14 9:11am

Stunt Casting That Actually Made Everything Better

Stunt casting is a long tradition in science fiction and fantasy, but it's only gotten more common lately. Films and TV shows will cast a famous actor — or someone who used to be in a Joss Whedon show — to spark interest. Sometimes, it's just unnecessary. But here are a bunch of cases where it was the perfect casting. » 6/05/14 9:00am 6/05/14 9:00am

12 Happy Accidents that Helped Save Science Fiction

Science fiction history is full of strange occurrences, and it's easy to imagine some wild alternate histories of the genre. And without some bolts from the blue, science fiction could have turned into something way less interesting. Here are 12 happy accidents that helped save science fiction. » 5/16/14 11:50am 5/16/14 11:50am